Museums in Central Athens -

Museums in Central Athens

Psirri can take the urban jungle experience to delirious heights, inviting a thousand little discoveries and as many opportunities for living it up after hours but, how could you forget that you are almost in the shadow of the Acropolis and the cradle of the starting point of Western civilization?

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Το Athens4 εμφανίστηκε στο!


Diving into Psirri -

Diving into Psirri

Not to be unduly nautical about it, but plunging into Psirri is like a deep dive into a different kind of Athens than you probably new existed. Sure, you knew about the ancient ruins and maybe trendy Kolonaki, but Psirri is home to scruffy cultural verve all its own—and you’re a part of it for as long as you’re here. This is a compact and largely self-contained, thoroughly urban universe where hipster cafés and bars collide with antique shops full to bursting with quirky merchandise, vintage record stores and busy craftsmens’ shops than you could ever take in on a single walk.
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