About us


Athens. Our beloved city as complex and human as those who inhabit it. A place where every street and every corner has a story to tell. A place where beauty, inspiration, and depth exist alongside chaos, disorder and anarchy. A place where everything has a root and nothing is superficial. A place that will inspire you to feel, to think, and to reflect. A place where all are welcome.

Athens4 in the heart of Athens is a conception of its surroundings, influenced by its humble beginnings as a textile factory. The textile industry, which was once a thriving industry, was brought to near extinction in the 1980’s by ready-made clothing. The area was slowly abandoned as shops and factories closed their doors. Athens4 is a project meant to breathe new life into this historic area. Paying respect to those who came before us, we have built on the connection of textiles and hospitality to create a small and intimate hotel with character and warmth. We welcome our guests to a creative space designed to inspire communication – both with themselves and with the city.